I was not a "runner" when I joined the M*A*S*H team last year. However, through the team's encouragement and support, not only did I run a full marathon, I did it in my goal time of 5 hours! If I could do it, anyone could do it!

- Mindy, Marathon Finisher


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M*A*S*H, which stands for Medical Aid Supplying Hope, was created as a means of introducing the Central California community to a local non-profit organization called Medical Ministries International.  MMI obtains donated, surplus medical equipment, supplies, and medicines and ships them to less advantaged clinics and hospitals all over the world.  In addition, MMI volunteer travel teams hold primary care clinics in various regions where medical care is unavailable.  MMI has provided assistance to India, Haiti, Congo, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mexico, Armenia, Columbia, Laos, Fiji, South Africa, Indonesia, Honduras, Ethiopia, and the Philippines.

The M*A*S*H Team exists to support the work of Medical Ministries International and offer an opportunity to get fit at the same time.  Participants on M*A*S*H Teams raise funds for MMI in return for receiving training for various marathon and half marathon events.  M*A*S*H first trained a team for the 2008 Two Cities Marathon and Half Marathon (in Fresno and Clovis, CA).  Since then, M*A*S*H has sent teams to the St. George Marathon, seven more Two Cities Marathons and Half Marathons, the Napa Valley Marathon, the California Classic Half Marathon, and Fresno's Shinzen 10 Miler. All told, hundreds of runners and walkers on M*A*S*H Teams have successfully crossed the finish line.

Learn more about the M*A*S*H program from those who have experienced it:

Upcoming Events

• A M*A*S*H Team of runners and walkers is now forming for the November 6, 2016 Two Cities Half Marathon. You are encouraged to register for the 2016 Two Cities M*A*S*H Team as soon as possible in order to fully benefit from the training program. No further participants will be accepted after September 18, 2016. To sign up for this M*A*S*H Team, please print the registration form.

• M*A*S*H will have a Team of runners and walkers for the April 2, 2017 California Classic Half Marathon. Registration for the 2017 California Classic M*A*S*H Team is open now if you wish to register for both the 2016 Two Cities and 2017 California Classic Teams (and save $50 on the combined minimum fundraising requirements for the two events!).

• If you would like to receive information on future M*A*S*H Teams, please let us know via the Contact link above.